Our experienced staff will look into your needs and keep your vehicles new and shiny at affordable costs. We introduce the proven processes at The Senior’s Choice USA and distributes the latest Pika Pika Rain glass coating products from Japan.


“Pika Pika” means shiny in Japanese while glass coating is “SiO2” compound also known as liquid glass (liquid silica and isopropyl alcohol) that has superior properties.

Since introduction of PPR about 8 years ago, motorists have benefitted from its high gloss, durability and ease of maintenance. Pika Pika Rain (PPR) is currently the #1 glass coating product in Japan. After treatment, PPR exhibits high gloss, hydrophobic/hydrophilic/water-sliding effect and shields your original paintwork from dirt, hairline scratches. It reduces the occurrence of watermarks if you wash your car regularly with shampoo and wipe it dry at least once a week. If you want more protection, you can opt for additional PPR coating to enhance the gloss and protection. With our product and services, you have complete control over the gloss and protection of your car.

PPR is best applied to brand new cars for immediate protection on top of original paint lacquer.

It is important to know that PPR is both “scalable” and “removable”. These are important features.

SCALABLE – You can enhance the gloss; protection and hydrophobic/hydrophilic effect of your car by applying an additional coat of Ultra/Hyper/Nano PPR. Hence, you can have full control over the effect. Patented PPR needs about two weeks to achieve full hardening and unlike sealant based solutions, it does not crack upon impact.

REMOVABLE – You can come back for a fresh treatment to remove the old/damaged PPR coat; polish the affected areas to shine; and then re-apply a new coat. This feature is crucial and it means that touching up your car can be done whenever needed and you do not need to respray your car.

Both all old and new cars are suitable for our PPR treatment so long as there is no major problem with their paintwork. We perform a standard hand polish to remove stains; reduce visibility of hairline scratches; restore shine; and then apply PPR to lock in and enhance both gloss and colour. For used cars with severe paintwork issues, we suggest that you send it for a respray before coming to us for treatment.


  • Most Popular Patented Glass Coating Product from Japan
  • Exhibits High Gloss
  • Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic/Water Sliding Effect
  • High Durability of max 3-5 Years
  • Immediate Paint Protection
  • Most Cost-Effective Solution in the Market
  • Minimizes Formation of Hairline Scratches & Water-spots
  • Ease of Application [just follow our video instruction on Facebook]
  • Ease of Maintenance #1 [just shampoo wash, rinse and then wipe dry]
  • Ease of Maintenance #2 [just apply Nano Pika Pika Rain once every 1-3 months]
  • Direct Substitutes for Wax and Sealants


  • Aircon Servicing
  • General Cleaning & Housekeeping
  • Handyman Repair Works
  • Caring & Companionship
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Running Errands
  • Key Holding & Property Management Services
  • ….. and other Tailored Solutions!!


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